Poetry and prose from the heart. · Self-help life truths.

Remind yourself…

We live in an interactive universe, a dynamic dimension where everything is deeply connected--connected to our parents through genetic material, experiences as members of a family, loving lessons taught; connected through conscious energy to our thoughts, the thoughts of others, our vital energy, the vital energy of others; connected to events through memories, empathy, personal… Continue reading Remind yourself…

Poetry and prose from the heart. · Stories to ponder.

Within our kiss.

A passionate kiss which communicates deep affection and share connection goes beyond two lips touching, it goes beyond the thoughts you have during that magic kiss. This kiss is the merging of two souls into one, going back to Source/God for the moment that kiss lasts where no space and time are limitations.

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The deepest link.

"The Deepest Link." On the surface, human beings have differences--i.e., cultures, races, beliefs, lifestyles, ideas, all appearance. Beyond those, lies our true values and state of Being; and this is the same for all of us, because it is in fact the essence of freedom and love as the most pure state of the whole of Creation. Some call this Oneness.

Poetry and prose from the heart. · Self-help life truths. · The free mind of the god-man.

You must remember…

All which happens in your life, does not happen to you or against you, it does not happen because you deserve it or not. It happens because somehow your thoughts, words, and intentions have masked themselves subconsciously and they have attracted energy, either positive or negative, which has built the progress of your events the way you chose to experience them.

Poetry and prose from the heart. · The free mind of the god-man.

The mind of the fool.

May I follow you, O Great One? You elevate my mind. Walk with me and perhaps true wake you will find. See the river, how it flows without resistance...?? Or how the birds in the sky fly without assistance...??

Self-help life truths. · The free mind of the god-man.

The path to the extraordinary.

This is the energy meditators know and experience when in serious meditation trance. This energy runs through us via the subconscious, Infinite Intelligence source, and gives life to all we do behind our heartbeats, blood flow, nervous system, immune system, etc.

Business mind. · Self-help life truths.

Tips on Problem Solving

Words, like thoughts, are energy, powerful energy which attracts either positive or negative outcomes. Most people fail on finding solutions to big problems because they ignore this deep understanding; this can either bring more problems and stress or it can bring solutions and mental peace. Your choice...