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The golden steps.

Our habits shape us, what we do every single day is what we create; so, if you watch TV and complain about the world all day you will develop a lazy and obnoxious behavior, if you read inspiration and work diligently then you will develop passion for success and a determination to not give up in the face of challenges.

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The Master Within.

Happiness is a natural state of consciousness, there is no reason for it, it just is, like the essence of love--i.e., it flows eternally, it is peace and has no special qualities, it is refreshing and wise in all matters of understanding...

Self-help life truths. · The free mind of the god-man.

The one which never comes..

So, we create the future our hearts desire, not by stressing over it (an illusion living only in our minds), but by behaving and acting appropriately towards a goal with faith and patience, energy and a positive attitude.

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Remind yourself…

We live in an interactive universe, a dynamic dimension where everything is deeply connected--connected to our parents through genetic material, experiences as members of a family, loving lessons taught; connected through conscious energy to our thoughts, the thoughts of others, our vital energy, the vital energy of others; connected to events through memories, empathy, personal… Continue reading Remind yourself…