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The golden steps.

Our habits shape us, what we do every single day is what we create; so, if you watch TV and complain about the world all day you will develop a lazy and obnoxious behavior, if you read inspiration and work diligently then you will develop passion for success and a determination to not give up in the face of challenges.

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The Master Within.

Happiness is a natural state of consciousness, there is no reason for it, it just is, like the essence of love--i.e., it flows eternally, it is peace and has no special qualities, it is refreshing and wise in all matters of understanding...

Business mind. · Self-help life truths.

The deepest link.

"The Deepest Link." On the surface, human beings have differences--i.e., cultures, races, beliefs, lifestyles, ideas, all appearance. Beyond those, lies our true values and state of Being; and this is the same for all of us, because it is in fact the essence of freedom and love as the most pure state of the whole of Creation. Some call this Oneness.

Business mind. · Self-help life truths.

Tips on Problem Solving

Words, like thoughts, are energy, powerful energy which attracts either positive or negative outcomes. Most people fail on finding solutions to big problems because they ignore this deep understanding; this can either bring more problems and stress or it can bring solutions and mental peace. Your choice...

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The power of a thousand suns!

When someone becomes truly awakened, your whole belief system shakes and your views on life are altered, you start shedding intellectual and emotional layers of your persona because you start seeing your ego for what it is, and once you truly see or realize your ego and its reactions then you become bigger and stronger and more able to tame it or control it.

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Mastermind (PART4)

If something is missing or somebody for some reason does not get the job done, withhold blame and all negative reactions, do not create embarrassment in the other person, because stating your disappointment or anger does not help but it only belittles the value of people, and it, too, creates anxiety and a defensive attitude.

Business mind.

Mastermind (PART 3)

Challenges in life will only make you stronger and wiser to your goal if you have a strong and organized foundation, but if your foundation is weak and disorganized then they will depress you and bring you down with the first blow; so, like the professional boxer before the grand fight, you have to visualize the opponent beforehand and analyze his form and style, then you can understand the mindset you must espouse in order to be prepared to resist the blows or even to get back up.